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Pars Aluman Kar Company (PAKC) was founded in 1995 by shareholders, Mr. M.Sorrayayi, Mr. Goharin, Mesian Company, Perlit, and PDSCO.

PAKC originally established in a 25,000 square meter space in Boin zahra region in the West side of Tehran. PAKC specializes in the manufacturing of different series of Aluminum sheets and Aluminum coils in various sizes and thicknesses

From 1995, PAKC management preceded with the expansion of the machineries to develop an aluminum business that enable them to start the aluminum sheet and coil market with high quality products

Given the large and growing applications of Aluminum in various industries, Pars Aluman Kar Company (PAKC) based on its relatively short history is one of the few suppliers and producers of aluminum in Iran. PAKC with its 10,000 M/T capacity from continuous casting line Aluminum is one of the suppliers of cast aluminum sheet in Iran and in the Middle East.

General Information

  • 200

    Number of Staff

  • 24 hr

    Working hours per day

  • 85 Machines

    Number of Machines

  • 10000

    Annual production capacity

  • machine 1

  • machine 2

  • machine 3

  • machine 4

Pars Aluman kar Products

  • Aluminum Sheet


  • Aluminum Coil Strip


  • Aluminum Coil


  • Aluminum Checkered Plate


  • Our Mission:

    Our mission is first and for most to contribute to the overall development objectives of the country, increase market share, diversify production, and achieve a leadership position in the aluminum industry in Iran.

  • Pars Aluman Kar Slogan:

    We make things possible

  • Our Vision:

    We make things possible. We aspire to be the best in quality and customer service by assuring our customers satisfaction using unique quality, customer service and strong human resources as well as flexible profiles.


Head Office

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