Introduction of Pars Aluman Kar Company

Manufacturer Pars Aluman Kar Company (Private Joint stock) with the support of its experts which some of them having 50 years of related experience, constructed the plant as one of the limited aluminum sheets manufacturers in Iran in the year 1385 in Arasanj Industrial Complex, located at Buin Zahra city in the Qazvin province. The plant area is approximately 2.5 acers and production building has about 10 thousand square meters area and its products have been presented to the market since 1388.

The factory by having an aluminum continuous casting line with the annual capacity of 16 thousand tons, is one of the casted aluminum sheet providers in Iran and Middle East. Access to huge world aluminum resources because of Iran strategic location and abondance of experienced experts and specialists of Aluminum Industry in the Country, made the way to provide considerable installations named Pars Aluman Kar which with the aid of aforementioned resources now serves for Iran’s different industrial sectors.

At the time being Pars Aluman Kar Company knowing capacities of its plant’s units and due to long term approach toward optimization of its procedures and regarding following certificates:

ISO 9001:2015 / ISO14001:2015 / ISO 45001:2018

According to International Standards of Management System, Safety and Occupational Health System and Environmental Management System is active, and has entered reliable industrial markets including Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry.

By implementation of expansion projects in this factory, production of different foils with minimum thickness of 7 micron has become possible.

This company in the year 1392 in addition of maintenance of its management systems, has been able to obtain ISO/TS 29001 and HSE-MS certificates regarding the field of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry management system and also Health, Safety & Environment system. Special attention to management systems, controlling procedures for continual improvement in all aspects and establishment of modern procedures regarding customer satisfaction have become top priorities of Pars Aluman Kar Company. This company in addition of importance of customer satisfaction, emphasizes on cases like obligation to environmental or safety rules, employees’ knowledge improvement and satisfaction enhancement. To this end, Pars Aluman Kar Company has established one of the most equipped infirmaries in the region which the employees in addition of health care services, with the aid of Company benefit from multiple health insurance. At the same time the Company due to continual improvement improves employees’ organizational knowledge according to company’s training plan. Pars Aluman Kar Company regarding organization goals, in the year 1390 established R&D department and since then is active in production related issues by utilization of knowledge and experience of its qualified experts.

Pars Aluman Kar Company’s Vision

Pars Aluman Kar Company by the utilization of production facilities, technical knowledge and up to date laboratory equipment has been able to present its products with highest quality regarding national and international standards in the least time possible to the Iran and outside Iran markets, observing customers’ requirements and consolidate its position in a short time in the said markets.

Management and all the consistent personnel of this Company with planning for Company’s future expansion for the production of different coils and foils having several thicknesses, with annual capacity of 18000 tons per year have achieved essential accomplishment regarding Company’s expansion and wishing by reliance to the Mighty God, play an important leadership role in Aluminum Markets inside Iran and abroad.