Pars Aluman Kar Company at the time being with annual production of 16000 tons, presents its products in the several forms of plain and checkered coils and aluminum sheets with the different thickness of 0.2 to 10 mm, and several plain aluminum foils with the different thickness of 0.007 to 0.5 mm in different dimensions resulting from melting the pure aluminum bullions, and if needed adding a percentage of   aluminum hardeners (considering the type of required alloy) in different aluminum alloy  series 1000, 3000,8000 according to international standards to Iran’s industrial companies or local markets.

ورق آلومینیومی ساده

Plain Aluminum Sheet

کویل آلومینیومی ساده

Plain Aluminum Coil

کویل نواری آلومینیومی

Aluminum Coil Strip

ورق آجدار

Aluminum Checkered Plate

کویل آجدار

Aluminum Checkered Coil

Plain Aluminum Foil